Monday, March 4, 2013

Jurassic Park Review

Yes I have never seen jurassic park until recently, and no I do not have an agenda against Stephen or anything, I just have not seen the movie. And to be honest rightfully so.

This movie is vastly overrated int he minds of just about everyone who saw it when they were younger. It is meant to be a kid movie, however it goes on for far too long and leaves much to be desired at the end while resorted to lazy storytelling.

What I liked: I loved the special effects. The dinosaurs, the setting, everything in the movie was done with attention to detail and they spared no expenses with effects. It really was astonishing that even all this time the effects stand the test of time. That really was all that I found enjoyable in the movie.

What I did not like: The acting was terrible, particularly the kids. The kids repeatedly made stupid decisions to advance the plot, which was also bad. Also you know a storm might be coming, why not delay the visit of the kids? I understand the lawyer but the kids honestly just push it back! And the fat guy just decides it would be a good idea to shut down all the power systems, in the midst of a storm, while kids are there? I find it hard to believe the party giving him 1.5 mil couldnt just wait. Also the ending was incredibly predictable and did nothing of any sort that was noteworthy. Mix in cheesy dialogue and you have a real stinker.

The special effects saved this movie, however I would give it a 4/10, as everything else just brought it down. 

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