Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Side Effects Review

This movie tried to be a great psychological thriller, but it really missed the point.

The movie prides itself as being a suspenseful thriller with an intellectual aspect and twists before arriving at the ultimate end.

What I liked: I liked the acting, first and foremost. Jude law is fantastic in it, as always, and you genuinely feel his pain throughout much of the movie. The movie also has good pacing, as I think it was the perfect length and it moved along nicely and didnt drag too long on any one point. Channing Tatum did not really have much to do in this movie, which could be good. Rooney Mara continues to prove that she is a good actress, with this and the girl series under her belt she has proven to be a very capable actress.

I also liked the supporting characters throughout, even the attorney, the wife, and kid did a decent job of at least putting everything into perspective. Every character had a purpose and everyone did a good job fulfilling that purpose.

What I did not like: The movie tried far too hard to be a great thriller, but after the first hour you knew exactly where it was going and it turned into a typical movie. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it really took away from the tone. I mean it was painfully obvious, then the movie told you, and then it just kept with it. It felt as if the movie was building towards an end it never quite achieved, not to mention the wtf moments like jude law still being allowed to be the shrink to rooney mara and him not really suffering from the loss of income.

I also saw this with my girlfriend, on a scale of loved it, eh or i hated it it got an "eh"

This movie tries to be something that it ultimately failed at being, I give this a 6/10

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