Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lincoln Review

Lincoln was a fantastic movie and one of the best movies of 2012, and probably should have won the Oscar.

Lincoln was done phenomenally well and unlike the other historical films, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln had a wide range of material for which it could be based on and that also put a responsibility on Stephen to go through and pick out what he wanted. SS did a great job directing this movie and putting everything together.

What I liked: Everything in the movie(aside from the end) was just outstanding. The music. The acting. The fact checks for history. The plot. Everything was just outstanding. Historical movies sometimes suffer from the whole "oh really how does it end"? syndrome in which we know how it ends. However Lincoln did a fantastic job making us care about everything. Daniel Day Lewis did a fantastic job in the movie, just go watch it and  you will be amazed at how wonderful of a job he did portraying Lincoln. Sally Field was amazing as well, and I am biased against his wife to begin with because of history, but she was outstanding in the movie. Even his cabinet actors and the congressman did an outstanding job, especially Tommy Lee Jones. The actors portraying the congressman who were opposed to the passage also did an amazing job, I mean you genuinely hated those people. They were outstanding.

The movie was pretty accurate in terms of history as well, all the events and whatnot was very true to form. Now I know the dialogue is embellished a bit, but it worked out well and you have to give SS some leeway here.

The movie was sprinkled throughout with Lincoln stories, and does a good job of showing that this man had immense pressure on him and came through. It also does a great job of showing that Lincoln was not perfect, that not everything he did was amazing. It showed some genuine issues with him that you can only imagine what today's press would have exposed.

But most of all the movie did a great job showing lincoln the father. It showed his family, it showed his heartbreak, it showed everything that helped us sympathize with the character.

What I didnt like:

My only complaint about the movie is it should have ended 10 minutes sooner, when he puts his gloves down. The movie trailed off after that, and we dont need to see his son crying, or his wife mourning, or a funeral. We all know how it ends( Unless you are the Lakers).

Lincoln was a good movie, and deserved more awards. I give this a 9/10. 

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