Friday, October 19, 2012

Ultimate Comics: Spiderman #16 review

I found this issue very lacking for several reasons, however by the end of it Miles seems to FINALLY be a part of the main plot that is dominating the Ultimate series.

My main complaint about Miles has been he lacks a rogue gallery and each new issue that fails to capitalize on this will suffer in my mind. I really do not see where Marvel is going with this series at the moment, although it appears they want to make him a member of the Ultimates, however my question then becomes why? Why have Spider-man fighting the same exact villians every single hero in the Ultimate Universe is fighting at the moment.

The series started off strong with the Prowler and had some pretty powerful moments, but this issue just continues the sub par storytelling that just keeps being compounded month in and month out. It took them how many issues just to get him to become a member of the Ultimates at a time when they should just be accepting everyone?

Miles is a likeable character, as this issue showed with some nice one liners and inter dialogue that made everyone love Peter, however him being Spider-man really needs to be fleshed out. I felt like I was reading an Ultimates issue, not a Spider-man issue.

Overall I give this comic a 3/10, it had a contrived plot, a random villian arbtitrarily thrown in to fix his dumb decision which was incredibly cliche, and failed to develop spider-man outside of the Ultimates.

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