Monday, October 22, 2012

666 Park Avenue Episode 4 "Hero Complex" Review

666 Park Avenue will probably be cancelled due to low ratings, however the show has been putting out a quality product for weeks now and is often ignored. It is not a noticeably scary show however more of a mystery show.

This episode however focused on Henry moreso than Jane and developed the character Nona a little more. This episode had 2 main story arcs and the sub arc involving the suitcase that Jane stumbled upon in the previous episode.

The main story arc of the two was Henry and Gavin's conflict that arose due to the investigation into Gavin's affairs. I felt this was a little far-fetched for starters and was poorly developed. Henry's decisions come with very little to no character develop whatsoever. We saw him make a choice with his back up against the wall, however I doubt what his employers wanted him to do was break into Gavin's place and illegally seize material. Also the adolescent teen boy hides his indecent material on his parents computer better than Gavin hides potentially damaging business deals. This made no sense, that someone as intelligent as Gavin would just conveniently have a file on his laptop labeled "Greenpoint Towers." Also while Henry making the decision to obtain this by illegal means was not likely, it was very likely that he would leave part of it behind for Gavin to magically find. Again, a very predictable outcome with your typical "hero" and "villian" conflict. This story was the least interesting until the end which will be addressed, but first it is necessary to talk about the second story line, that of Nona's.

I was happy to finally see a resolution with the Drake thief, yes it occurred conveniently however at this point if you have not suspended the belief that everyone will conveniently run into each other in the lobby you should just stop watching, it will happen as these people are all running around all the time and it is perfectly reasonable for someone to stop and talk to the receptionist about losing her sunglasses. However what I find hard to believe is that Nona would conveniently wear them just minutes after stealing it, this is just careless on her part however it did further the story line, albeit by a lazy method. I am willing to give this more leniency than Henry's story line partly because I just wanted it to advance finally. It was nice to get some information about Nona's background, which I wont delve into because I am trying to review and not summarize so much. Once all the items were being returned everything was better, and Rachel got a nice bit of information from Nona which contributed to the good conclusion.

The conclusion brought us back to last weeks story with the writer who whatever she writes comes true, it was nice to see this bleed over into this weeks story and it was nice to see what Gavin got from the deal, surely someone who could write any story and it be real could be very helpful, especially in this case when he is feuding with Henry's boss. The warning by Nona to Rachel really strengthened their relationship, as it came true and now Rachel knows a little more about her and can relate to her because of being separated from her parents. This was a nice and fitting conclusion, you saw Henry come to his senses which was within character, Gavin to say "oh well he made one mistake"(convenient answer), and Rachel to develop her relationship with Nona.

It was nice to see the suitcase finally get opened however, although you have to feel bad for the little girl since she just did not want him out. It also was nice to see the Drake controlling other people and transporting them or making them do stuff to people besides Rachel. It is truly powerful and most people do not even remember. It could bring about the question is Gavin in charge of the Drake or is the Drake in charge of Gavin?

This episode used some very convenient methods of storytelling to advance a plot(I am not holding the seeing everyone in the lobby as an excuse) I still think it was a weak episode for the series so I will have to give it an 6.0/10.

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